Vorosoft is your Cloud native, Automation driven, and efficient digital enterprise partner

Vorosoft is your Cloud native, Automation driven, and efficient digital enterprise partner

Relentless innovation requires the cloud born and cloud driven mindset in today’s environment. In the cloud, adaptive enterprises gain the agility and flexibility necessary to thrive, paving the way for new business models, cutting-edge products, and more dynamic experiences in faster time-to-market. As cloud becomes the default platform for nearly every digital use case, eclipsing all aspects of IT, the inevitable push to adopt a cloud mindset is here and now.

Vorosoft will partner with you across your cloud requirements providing gamut of services including:

Migration & Modernization – Understanding cloud migration and how to leverage it for business value for your organization is key deciding the best migration approach. Vorosoft team will help you navigate the complexities and nuances and can help you determine the best option for your applications and data. Vorosoft can help you erase technical debt by modernizing and remediating to the cloud through rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring, and re-architecting applications.

Cloud-Native Application Development – To fully unleash the power of cloud and your enterprise data, you must adopt cloud native architecture. Vorosoft’s cloud native engineers can help give your business new levels of agility, efficiency and speed. Cloud-native practices align development with cloud principles for seamless scalability, cost efficiency, rapid time to market, resource optimization and high reliability. This new mindset is hyper-focused on navigating the newest digital landscape challenges such as agility, security, and vendor independence.

  • Microservices Architecture – Loosely coupled, fine-grained services, communicating through lightweight protocol
  • Containers – Accelerate application development to be more rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled
  • Serverless Functions
  • App Development
  • Configurability & Observability
  • Orchestration
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